Advanced Golfer

Intermediate Golfer

Beginner Golfer

Sunday School

Scoring Zone

Pee Wee Camp

Cost: $199 / Time: 2pm - 3:30pm

Cost: $125 / Time: Varies

Age: 3-5 / Cost: $75 / Time: 9am - 10am

Adult coaching program, focused on

This program is designed for golfers to

This program is designed for 3-5 year olds

results, each player will receive a

feel more comfortable within the scoring

to get their passion and understanding of the

tailored practice program and acess

zone: 10-100 yeards. Pitching, wedge

game started.

to Titleist Performance Institute

techniques and controlling ball flight.

Instructor: Marcus El

body-swing materials.

Instructor: Marcus El


Instructor: Lance Scholl



Practice Makes Perfect

Bros & Brews

Ladies Only "Grip it & Sip it"

Cost: $125 / Time: Varies

Age 21 & Up / Cost: $125 / Time: 6pm - 7pm

Ages 21 & Up / Cost: $125 / Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

This is a four week tutorial on how

Want a better happy hour with golf and the

This clinic is for begginers and causal golfers

to practice, what to practice and when

guys? This is a four session program

Enjoy an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink as you

to practice golf.

incorporating golf instruction, good beer,

learn the game.

Instructor: Marcus El

and good fun.

Instructor: Susan Thielbar


Instructor: Lance Scholl


Flightscope Academy

Early Bird

Golf 101 (Get Golf Ready)

Cost: $125 / Time: 7pm - 8pm

Cost: $125 / Time: 8am - 9am

Ages 18 & Up / Cost: $125 / Time: Veries

This is a new program designed to help

This program is designed for adults and will

This program is for the beginning golfer, designed

each player understand how

cover different aspects of golf including

to teach everything you'll need to play golf in

flightscope technology works.

putting, pitching, iron play, and driving

four sessions.

Instructor: Tony  Day

Instructor: Susan Thielbar

Instructor: Lance Scholl

Middle School/High School

Parent / Child School

Junior Golf Camp

Jr. Fundamentals

Ages 8-16 / Cost: $250 per team / Time: Varies

Age: 7-12 /Cost: $125 / Time: 10am - 11am

Cost:$125 / Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm

This program is designed for one junior and a

This program is designed to teach juniors the

Designed to prepare your Middle

parent to enhance all areas of the game

rules, etiquite and fundimentals of the game

School and H.S. golfer for Spring golf.

through guided and focused practice.

Instructor: Marcus El

Instructor: Susan Thielbar

Instructor: Lance Scholl


All classes available October - March! Be sure to give us your e-mail address and we

will send you a calander notifing you of upcoming special events and functions!